Daniel L. Orr II, B.S.,  
D.D.S., M.S. (Anesth.) Ph.D., J.D., M.D.

Our  Office

Daniel L. Orr II and his staff are available to assist you with a variety of oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures, techniques, services, and treatments provided in the Las Vegas area.  

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Removal of wisdom teeth or other teeth as required
Preparation of the mouth for dentures or implants
Exposure of teeth for orthodontic treatment
Repair of failed root canals
Biopsies and treatment of the soft and hard tumors of the maxillofacial area
Surgical treatment of cysts and tumors

Care & Treatment for Children & Adolescents
To facilitate a positive experience when treating children, we incorporate their emotional needs into our treatment plans. We explain all procedures in age appropriate language and encourage  questions and participation.  Children with learning disabilities are seen regularly.  All services are rendered in a manner that enables children to feel safe and secure.

Sedation and  general anesthesia for children
Diagnosis with consideration for growth and development of the face and jaws
Treatment for elective conditions or accidents

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, (TMJ or TMD)
TMJ dysfunction produces headaches and facial pain. It can be caused by problems with the muscles that move the jaw or it may result from injury to the jaw joint. Dr. Orr provides both non-surgical and surgical treatments for this difficult condition. The majority of patients experience relief from pain and improved function without surgery via non-invasive treatment protocols.  Oral surgery may be recommended for a some patients.

Trauma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
We have provided care for over 2,500 major facial trauma cases secondary to a wide variety of causes including motor vehicle accidents, military injuries, gunshot wounds and explosions, sports injuries, etc.

Reconstructive Dental Implant
Surgery for permanent tooth replacement through Osseointegration

Osseointegration - grafting precious metal implants into bone is an advance in restorative dentistry that has been proven successful in over thirty years of clinical trials.  Dental implants provide a fixed anchor for single tooth or multiple tooth replacement.

Dental implants replace missing teeth and can be used as an alternative to dentures and other non-fixed replacement options. Bone grafting with implants may be also used for facial and soft tissue reconstruction needed as a result of cancer, birth defects, or injury.

Corrective maxillofacial surgery
Upper, mid, and lower-third procedures for facial abnormalities resulting from injury, growth, or heredity may be corrected with surgical treatment.

Corrective procedures include:
Restoration of facial balance
Jaw alignment, bite correction (orthognathic surgery)
Cleft lip and palate reconstruction
Soft tissue repair
Facial fractures
Dental injuries

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Removal of moles or tumors, treatment of skin abnormalities and surgery to enhance the function and appearance of the nose, chin and eyes is sometimes combined with other corrective or reconstructive surgery.

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